Mulch & Compost

checkingCompostRichardHudakHudak Farm’s Own Quality Compost & Planting Mix

Hudak Farm now produces our own nutrient-rich compost , in collaboration with the Close the Loop St. Albans community composting project and the Northwest Vermont Solid Waste District (NWSWD). Prepared carefully, turned often and field tested, our dark, fluffy compost and planting mixes will add valuable nutrients and texture to your soil and improve your garden success. We also offer a compost-rich planting mix for gardens, raised beds and containers.

Made right here in St. Albans, Vermont, our compost recipe was designed and tested to produce nutrient-rich compost without contaminants. By carefully processing food waste and other organic materials from Franklin County schools and other sources, we help “Close the Loop” by creating valuable soil amendments from materials that used to go to the landfill.

Learn more about our composting operation here (coming soon!).

Get Great Garden Results! Try our compost and planting mixes by the yard, the bucket or the bag.

Hudak’s Own Compost – $50.00/ cu. yd.

a nutrient rich soil amendment for raised beds and containers

Hudak’s Own Planting Mix – $50.00/ cu. yd.

a compost/topsoil blend for raised beds and containers

Bulk Topsoil – $45.00/ cu. yd.

good quality, screened topsoil

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Other soil amendments:

  • Spruce or hemlock mulch, available by the yard or the bag.
  • Fafard All-Purpose Potting Soil (1 cu. ft/2.5 cu. ft bags)
  • Fafard Professional Potting Soil (2 cu. ft bags)
  • Peat moss (2.2 cu ft bags)
  • Dehydrated manure (2-1-2) 40# bags
  • Pro-Grow (50# bags) potting medium
  • Bulk Topsoil (good quality, screened) 1 cu. yd. $45.00
  • hardwood or natural┬ácedar chips 1 cu. yd. $32.00/yard

loose-Mulch_02Spruce/Fir Blend

NATURAL COLOR – $38/ cu yd (also available in 3 cu ft bags)
Long lasting. Retains its look over multiple seasons, doesn’t decompose as fast as hardwood. Used for ornamental landscaping, around shrubs/ perrenial plantings, trees.


NATURAL COLOR – $48/ cu yd (also available in 3 cu ft bags)
The Cadillac of mulches. Extra fine texture. debarked and double milled. Easiest and most convenient to spread. Dark, natural color lends itself well to highlighting beds. Longer lasting than a hardwood mulch.


Dehydrated Manure

40 lb bag
A natural amendment used to increase organic matter, which is the primary component for increasing soil fertility, water retention, and protection against soil erosion.


Complete Planting Mix

40 qt. bag
This mix is a blend of peat moss, topsoil and manure. It is organic and ready to use for transplanting.

Bagged-Mulch_08Peat Moss

We sell a small amount of peat moss, sometimes helpful to add organic matter to the soil (particularly in containers) to increase water retention. Also used as bedding for vermiculture composting. Compost generally makes a better soil amendment, however.