Garden Plants

flowering annualsANNUALS
When the snow is still on the ground in Vermont we begin seeding over 400 trays of flowering annuals, herbs and vegetable starts. We select varieties that are compatible with our climate and growing season.Every year we feature an eclectic selection of reliable “Proven Winners™” along with time-tested requests from our gardening customers here in Vermont. Our plants are potted in our own compost/potting soil mixture and carefully maintained for health and vitality.

Our perennials are proven hardy for our Vermont growing conditions. Healthy and vigorous, we source our stock from Fairfax Perennials. Their plants are big and beautiful and we receive fresh shipments weekly throughout spring and early summer.

Twelve different varieties, selected for hardiness and color. Classic red, hot or ballerina pink, tango orange, snowy white, salmon, variegated… Our geranium house is a stunning display of beautiful possibilities.We take special care that our geraniums are properly spaced, tended, pruned and shaped for great results and exceptionally beautiful specimens.

Many of the vegetable starts we sell in the greenhouse for your garden are also varieties we grow on our farm, and have tested over 40 years of experience. We offer many heirloom varieties, handed down for generations, which offer exceptional taste and nutritional value in addition to other cultivars selected for great flavor and production.

Hudak Farm offers an extensive selection of culinary and medicinal herbs for your garden and windowsill. Several kinds of basil, tarragon, stevia, calendula, rosemary, lavender, parsley, oregano, sage, dill, cilantro, thyme, mint and more… Our employees have a wealth of gardening experience so we are here to help you with culinary and cultural advice and tips for harvesting.

Hudak Farm specializes in artful hanging baskets in many container types and sizes. We spend time and thought to develop healthy, unique plant combinations that will grow bigger and better throughout the summer. We have color palettes to compliment every home. A signature hanging basket from Hudak Farm makes a wonderful gift, or creates a stunning accent for your porch.

We also offer window box planting. Bring in your boxes, pick out your flowers, and we will do the work. Custom orders are always available.